Category: Assembly and line relocations

mgr Roman Nowak

Between _lune and August 2015, in the premises of ZBACH Sp. z o.o., Fomach performed machine tolls relocation works. The […]

Hans van Winkelen

The project included: Dismantling of 4 complete rubber mixing lines – including feeding equipment, internal mixers, 2 roli mills and […]

Robert Wielicki

Fomach carried out for Elda-Eltra Elektrotechnika S.A. works connected with relocation of machinery and assembly lines for manufacturing elements for […]

Rafał Wolff

Die Firma Fomach fijhrte den Anschluss und die Ania uf der Herstellungslinie a uf dem Gelnde von Tenneco Automotive E.E. […]

Michał Tuszkiewicz

In the period between 10-10-2013 and 23-10-2013, FOMACH ca rried out relocation of pressure feed system, including: transport of two […]

Krzysztof Citkowski

We recommend FOMACH as a rebabie and trustworthy partner well prepared for complex performance of tasks involving relocation, assembly, and […]

Sebastian Gawron

Company: FOMACH Bartłomiej Tatara, 32-086 Węgrzyce, Polska participated in unloading, assembly and mechanical works as a sub-contractor of: 51.1RET Sp. […]